Which are Your Favorite Online Social Media Platforms?

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Social media platforms have conquered the world, now more than ever before! When the pandemic raged during the last two years, citizens kept busy online, and business boomed. Not only did social media amuse, but shopping, training, and hobbies online also significantly boosted. Websites and apps increased in large numbers. App programming and custom app development companies remained perennially busy coping with the increasing demands. 

Choose social media apps carefully. Professional and job-related content suits LinkedIn. Advertising does well on TikTok. Facebook is a good platform for how-to videos. Short tutorials succeed better on Instagram. 

Similar formats are characteristic of many social media platforms, but the emphasis is different. Text and pictures, videos, and artistic effects are seen on every platform, but they have distinct personalities. The ambiance and aura differ, and the feeling can be pretty lively, according to the content, occasion, and the participants. Encouraging free expression is not without controversies, with some cases reaching epic proportions. The platforms do downplay whatever problems may arise. That is why not much information is available regarding member expulsions and blocklisting. 

Hot Favourite Social Media Apps in 2022

Along with popularity according to the number of users globally, the different social media sites serve various private and industrial purposes.


facebook Platform

With an attractive format that allows long text messages and pictures on the wall, users communicate across the oceans each moment. They exchange news and gossip along with privacy in the Messenger app. A free account that brings together family, friends, and near and dear ones are worth much more. Those who join Facebook will never forget the ethereal experience as they communicate globally. They feel great confidence knowing that they are in good company. 

Facebook towers above all, like Mount Everest! The social media giant reaches various age groups, from the youth to senior citizens, as a genuinely universally-dedicated app. With 3 billion users, isn’t it a great place to promote local advertising? Advertising costs are reasonable and within easy reach. Local business users know that spreading messages on this platform will reach many people in the business directory. A business page is just like an advertisement in any other media form with a category, description, price range, and contact info. Working hours and photos are included. Reviews and call-to-action buttons help. Get the advantage of organic advertising. 

Facebook has a set of user guidelines, and penalties are imposed for those who infringe copyright and upload objectionable content. Avoid dealing with sensitive matters and keep out of controversies. It is well known that the wrong words and expressions, pictures, and cartoons can invite legal action. 

Build relationships, contact long-lost friends, and keep in touch with the world through Facebook. 


instagram platform

Social media giants like Instagram have a dual advantage. Mobile-friendliness comes first nowadays, and accessibility dramatically increases. We would require the mobile app website and cross-platform app development services for universal reach. Having crossed 1 billion monthly users, Instagram has successfully fused the personal with the professional culture. It feels very homely, but business needs are satisfied too. 

Both small and large companies use Instagram, along with individuals and artists. Teenagers and young adults of all genders love the site. Brand-building strategies would be wise to include this giant in the advertising plans. Reach out with visually-engaging content and promote organic engagement and influencer marketing. Illustrations make a significant difference everywhere, and great picturesque photos carry unique messages. 

Selfie videos that carry specific content aimed directly at audiences with a personal slant attract lots of attention. Use consistent themes and engage viewers. A wide variety of free templates provide infinite opportunities for self-expression, and creative content brings incredible rewards. 


youtube platform

Everybody loves videos, and YouTube is the video specialist, the biggest one globally! The repository of videos in mind-boggling dimensions covers every known subject matter on the earth and beyond. Strangely enough, this social media platform also serves as a mighty search engine, second only to parent company Google.  

Learning interesting subjects through videos is a stimulating thought, and lifelike lessons teach so much faster than text-based books. Multimedia is the way to go for the modern student who wants to learn quickly and effectively. YouTube counts among the most outstanding teachers, reaching millions daily with more than 2 billion monthly users.  

Naturally, businesses would benefit in large dimensions from such mighty exposure. Tutorials and product reviews, services, and unboxing gadgets are popular. Hobbies and games, religious instruction or lessons in speaking and writing, YouTube have them all in a large variety. Short and long-form videos to promote brands find a place here. Get educated and amused. Start a YouTube channel and see how far it succeeds. Make a beginning with the free templates and take off into the realms of fantasy. Testing and experimenting might lead to great things with a bit of luck. 

A large community is busy shooting videos each day for upload. Not every video will succeed, but the sensational hits that attract millions of views are big money. Ages 15 to 35 seem to be most active on this platform, certainly meant for young blood.



Among 345 million users, about 40% use the site several times daily! The users know technology very well, and the media mainly caters to B2B that involves marketing, business, and politics. Most users of Twitter are fall between 35 and 65 years. And that is quite a broad range, including younger ones and seniors.

News certainly figures everywhere on every platform. Small bites are getting popular, pointing out the important stuff that can quickly know in seconds. Trending topics get due attention. Direct communication with the audience is recommended. Several kinds of content, like education, surveys, and discussions, make it a lively and inspiring meeting place. 



Youngsters in the teens and twenties make up the Snapchat audience with about 490 million monthly users. Sharing with family and friends through pictures and videos is basically what social media platforms are all about. After launch, the messages have a 24-hour life cycle. A majority of users range between the ages of 18 and 29 years. Women find the app more attractive. 

Narrating stories through video content, specifically, short-form video, attracts attention here. Educate or amuse the younger generation through video, and the response is impressive. According to the genre, businesses should find it great broadcasting and advertising medium. Audiences comprising teenagers and young adults can bring mighty change to start-up businesses. Don’t forget to amuse them rather than merely lecture.



Job opportunities abound on this platform, and it is hard to imagine the over 800 million users globally. Those who love careers have many jobs on this site to ponder and apply for. Build brand connections, establish bridges with other brands, and hit the top tiers. Besides B2B connections, build a vast client base too. 

Adventurous youth who love career advancement between 24 and 35 make up most of the aspirants here. Though most are men, women, too, are career enthusiasts in large numbers. 

Text alone will certainly not do in these visual times, and super images do succeed in attracting media attention.


A fertile ground for developing creative ideas, Pinterest facilitates DIY projects that everybody loves so much in these busy times of digital ingenuity. Go for recipes and sewing patterns. Travel plans, interior design, and brand marketing are some other sizzling ventures that the media makes possible. Would achieve business targets with such exposure. It is a women majority here (80%) with over 430 million monthly users. The ages of users range from 18 to 69 years. 

The media is known through a variety of dramatic images in vertical formatting. Superb visuals with the clarity of text pointing at the content get attention. Keywords and search terms apply. Use listing and quotes that are easy to comprehend and share. Pinterest is a place for mature women who wish to indulge in fashion and share lifestyle tips and unique ideas. Decoration and the DIY culture are great too. 

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Favourite Social Media Platforms

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