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With an emphasis on providing an exceptional user experience, we design and create online and mobile applications for our clients across the globe.


Building world changers Web & Mobile Apps

Yoginee Solutions is an international app development firm that focuses on supporting technological start-ups and expanding app publishers, but it also works with large corporations across a range of industry verticals and technologies. Yoginee provides total outsourced software development services for both web and mobile apps.

We design and develop strong server side for the apps, including database programming, admin panels, web services, and analytics, using either open source technologies like PHP or JAVA or framework. We design and develop polished front end Apps for Mobile, Tablets, and Wearables in iOS, Android, or HTML5. Nevertheless, the ultimate objective—a world-class product as the result and the fulfilment of our clients—remains constant.


Why Choose Yoginee?

In today’s cutthroat but growing technology market, it is essential for a technology product company or an enterprise to select a software vendor who not only fills the engineering gap with their affordable programming services but also keeps aligned and tuned with your business requirements and rapidly evolving technology.

By selecting such a vendor, you are able to rely on them not just for the creation of a single product but also for the long-term critical development strategy you have in place to address market dynamics. This is where Yoginee distinguishes itself from other service providers, as our method is one of cooperation and we work with our clients as a team rather than as a vendor.

So if you are a startup wanting to hire one of the top app development companies to create a quick prototype or version 1.0 of your software idea, or if you need expert counselling and assistance in areas like mobile apps or the web at a fair price, consider Yoginee for:

And if you are an established and expanding product company seeking to work with a reputable strategic development partner to handle any legacy projects or new application development projects, or if you simply need to offshore-source your ongoing development work for strategic reasons, then you choose Yoginee for:

Additionally, if you are an enterprise in need of a one-stop shop for all of your software needs—whether they be custom applications to solve internal business process issues, new, high-quality mobile or web apps, or just software consulting—you should pick Yoginee because:

Our Team

Our foundation leadership is made up of seasoned technology and business professionals, who are supported by a highly motivated and gifted group of software engineers working together under one roof. Our basic value is that we are a customer-centric organisation.

Neeraj Sharma

Neeraj has successfully taken on major decision-making positions in numerous software projects across a variety of countries, remaining actively involved from pre-sales through project execution, logistics, process development, team building, delivery, and account management.

He holds a diploma in computer science with specializations in information technology and international marketing. He is currently living in Jaipur, India. Neeraj enjoys traveling, playing sports, and listening to music, and he does all of these things whenever he has free time from work requirements, and in some cases dreams, for companies and individuals so that they can achieve the success they have dreamt of – by leveraging the latest technology to fuel increased revenue and business growth.

Want to Work With Us?

Imagine working in a setting that encourages creativity, honesty, and excitement as well as cutting-edge technology. Where you have the opportunity to work with some of the smartest people you have ever met while being free from the traditional restrictions that the majority of mature firms have.

Yoginee is a location where people not only appreciate but also celebrate your talent! Do you desire to change the world while carrying out the task you adore? If so, please send us a copy of your resume at [email protected].

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