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Mobile applications have been the harbinger of revolutionary advancement in the technological world. We at Yoginee (Mobile App Development Company in India) have developed the expertise of crafting perfect mobile applications using a strategy built on the agile development model so that your business needs are fulfilled and it can proceed on to the next level. Our offerings include amazing UI/UX designs for mobile apps to make it a highly enriching and visually appealing experience for your business clients and customers.

Recognized as the top mobile app development company in India, Western Europe, and the US, Yoginee (Best Mobile App Development Company in India) offers full-stack mobile app development services including mobile app strategy, app design, app development, app testing, and app maintenance. We have experience in working on a range of technologies and platforms such as iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter, Kotlin, Ionic, Xamarin and React Native. We are already serving businesses and enterprises across industry domains such as ecommerce, healthcare, education, utilities, public services, logistics, realty, and media.

Our Value Proposition at Different Levels for Your Business:

Regarding early-stage start-ups

For Emerging Tech Businesses

For Business & Brands

What we can do for you?

Yoginee Solutions provides full-cycle services for mobile and web development. The latest technologies like Flutter, React, Node.js, and Vue.js are used to develop stunning cross-platform apps in addition to native iOS and Android apps and UI/UX design. Additionally, we have begun aiding our clients with app marketing and app fundraising initiatives. Here is our whole range of services.

UI/UX Solutions

Creative UI/UX design solutions for website templates, e-commerce, and responsive websites to fuel the conversion of website traffic into leads and potential customers and increase your brand appeal.

CMS Development

Our highly proficient CMS developers can develop and customize CMS solutions for your business, irrespective of the industry vertical it serves, so that your business ends up on the winning side.

Web Development

Robust and secure websites made on top of a plethora of technology stacks such as PHP MVC Frameworks, JS Frameworks, CMS tools, and even custom codes to bring efficiency to your business.

E-Commerce Solutions

E-commerce development and marketing solutions using various specific e-commerce platforms such as Prestashop and Open Cart to build your business into a brand in the online retail domain.

Mobile App Development

Mobile application development services to design and develop apps that can speed up your business’s digital transformation and tap into the huge pool of potential customers while servicing them 24x7.

CRM Solutions

Enterprise-level companies need to implement CRM solutions for their business management. We at Yoginee have a dedicated team for CRM development and customization services for your business.

Flutter Development

Low budget and mvp made over the dart technology. Its help customer to make MVP faster and launch their products. Flutter made app development faster.

Custom Software Development

Custom software is the need of the hour as digital transformation is being adopted at an ever-increasing pace by businesses around the world. Yoginee is a recognized custom software development agency.

Our Expertise

Although Yoginee is a full services company, we are proud of our high-ranking achievements in the following domains.

Full Stack Development

Being a globally renowned full-stack development company, we have accumulated unrivaled experience in working with front-end as well as back-end technologies.

Swift Development

With most businesses focusing on professionals to expand their business it is quite comprehensive that iOS platforms are most loved. We are working with Swift experts to deliver customized iOS mobile app development services.

Flutter Development

Flutter, a product of Google, is a recent addition to the cross-platform app development arena and is a high-performance and efficient technology. It allows us to develop high-fidelity apps for businesses and enterprises.

Android Development

70% public use Android mobile. That one is the major factor Android development require for each type of app. We use kotlin and Java for android development.

Mobile App Development

Mobile application development services to design and develop apps that can speed up your business’s digital transformation and tap into the huge pool of potential customers while servicing them 24x7.

Prestashop Development

Prestashop is the europe leading and highly flexible ecommerce platform. We have a highly experienced team for Prestashop development services including migration and customization.

PHP Laravel Development

Laravel framework is the most robust framework. Its based on php and its give the lots of security features and its the one of the best PHP framework.

Wordpress development

We have wordpress and woo-commerce wizards. We provide huge level custom solutions using WordPress and woocommerce.

Benefits We Offer

Let’s start the journey towards success and enhance revenue for your business. Take your company to the next level.

Key Steps We Take To Develop A Mobile App

Our entire working process is distributed into 6 important steps which form the backbone of any project at Yoginee. The process starts with understanding your business requirements and preparing a custom strategy to fulfill those needs and culminates after the successful launch of the product that has been built for the business. In between, we analyze and plan the development strategy, develop UI/UX models of the solution, build the actual program, and then test it for redundancies before deploying it in a live environment.

Strategy & Discovery

We agree to a nondisclosure agreement (NDA), listen to your app idea, discover the features of the app together, and then translate those features into feature-specific documents. We then strategize with you the delivery order from prototype to MVP to finished product.

Analysis & Planning

We choose the deep level libraries, technologies, and architecture required to build the team and the app. We price out the project, estimate it based on man hours, and break it down into milestone or Agile sprints.

UI/UX Designing

We first design how the App would appear to its actual consumers because contemporary software engineering is very user-focused. Wireframes are first created, followed by high-fidelity UI/UX designs that are polished and simulate the genuine experience the user would have on the actual App.


We create the architecture for the entire product, including the front end (app, progressive web app, or web app), back end (database and API), and integration with third-party libraries (such as payment gateways, authentication libraries, etc.). We then assign tasks to the development team, start the work, and adhere to the release schedule.

QA and Testing

Both the development and testing processes are ongoing. We only offer you weekly intermediate releases after testing them thoroughly ourselves. After receiving your approval, we go on to the development sprint for the following week.

Deployment > Support > Scaling

Once an app has been constructed, we upload it to the app stores in your name and activate the production backend. As soon as the app goes live, we begin providing support and maintenance, and as soon as you start to see growth, we assist you with scaling the product on the appropriate cloud platforms so it can serve numerous concurrent users.

Our Portfolio

Dr. Kashmar

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To ensure a high standard of service , our app provides complete solutions to check all the updates of Dr. Kashmar, new videos, news, before & after and appointment booking.
Dr Kashmar App is always on the move, following and using the latest technology.




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This is how we can work together

We help you create a combination of engagement models that best meets your needs since we provide fairly flexible and customised engagement models to match our customers' individual requirements. Any of the engagement models listed below can be worked on by us:

Cost-effective app development

Choose a fixed price. if you have already specified the range of work in terms of the overall features and functionality of the app. For the development of new apps or websites, fixed prices work best. You receive a fixed price and make payments in tiers. In Fixed pricing App Development in India, we closely collaborate with you to define the Scope of the Work in a manner that is utterly obvious, and we then determine the Efforts and Engineers required to finish the same before determining the Fixed pricing. Up until the app is live, we break the project down into milestones, and you pay as we reach each one. We handle every aspect of fixed-price app development, including design, development, implementation, scaling, and maintenance.

Hourly app development or on-demand developers

If you require continuing development and maintenance work for your current mobile or web apps, hourly app development is a smart choice. Engineers with various skill sets (iOS, Android, react, angular) are available for hire, and you can pay them a monthly fee to use them anyway you see fit.
If you require continuing development and maintenance work for your current mobile or web apps, hourly app development is a smart choice. Engineers with various skill sets (iOS, Android, react, angular) are available for hire, and you can pay them a monthly fee to use them anyway you see fit.

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