10 Best Apps You Should Have Downloaded This Summer

Whether for Android or IOS phones, numerous apps show the way. ‘Better late rather than never,’ as they say! Why not give these apps a try, according to interests? Dog lovers abound in every continent and nation, for sure. Rover and Sniffspot bring the pet lovers together. Who does not love travel, camping, trails and adventure? Everybody does. AllTrails connects you with all those interesting spots nearby where the soul touches the sky. If getting organized for the adventure is a headache, PackPoint helps get it all nicely together.


Healthy skin promotes a vigorous life. Like water and fire, the sun blesses humanity and also damages the skin. Learn how to stay safe from UV rays and sunburn but get Vitamin D. Escape from skin cancer and the effects of ageing. AI informs of skin conditions, age and health.

The QSun app reminds you of the essentials like applying sunscreens. Choose the right sunscreen and the apt quantity. If you decide on the Pro version, enjoy additional benefits. Are you producing adequate Vitamin D? Track physical activity in safe sun surroundings.

Choose from English and Japanese versions. Consult UV maps anywhere. A quiz helps understand skin types. When is it safe to be outdoors? Access forecasts and plan accordingly. According to location, receive weather updates. A QSun device does so much more along with the app.

Bandsintown Concerts

 Live music gets the world going. Current updates about preferred singers and bands reach you well in time. All you do is join via email or Facebook and the free app does the rest.

Get recommendations and know when favourite artists reach your vicinity. Concert listings appear for every city. Book tickets across numerous sites. Share with social media across the world.


Say goodbye to the stuffy indoor workspaces and family settings for a change. Don’t postpone that adventure any further. Get going with hiking and biking, backpacking and running. GPS supports you up and down stately mountains. Download and print out maps to know where you reached.

Trail maps specify the kid-friendly or dog-friendly ones. Are you searching for national parks or local cycling trails? Explore the neighbourhood or prepare to cross national borders. Community reviews and ratings ensure that it is all authentic. Cater to your own experience and fitness levels. Mountain biking may not be for the faint-hearted but give it a try.

GPS trail maps along with topo map clear up the mysteries. Download offline maps for trails and know the geography better.

Get further ahead in the quest for adventure with the paid AllTrails Pro. Lifeline helps you stay safe with contacts. Know the exact local air quality and satellite weather forecasts. Get rid of adverts and focus better on the journey essentials. A portion of the fee helps the planet get along.


Get professional about travel packing. Don’t you want to avoid the hassle of dreary packing and unpacking? Avoid getting bogged down by too many items.

Business and vacations require different approaches. Is it an international trip, and for how long? The length of the trip matters, just like the weather and forecasts. Warm clothes and an umbrella might be essential. Make sure that travel documents and money or cards are carefully secured. Customize the travel menu according to the premium feature or manage with the free version. Save the packing checklist and make changes according to need.

Smart packing has several advantages. Avoid redundant items and save on excess luggage fees. Carry what you need, and never mind the extra pair of socks and ties. Specify the numbers too, like for shirts, trousers and underwear. Tap to the right to change the quantity and swipe to delete. Don’t forget to put the PackPoint widget on the home screen. If you connect with TripIt, create the list automatically.


Dogs certainly deserve better treatments, food and play facilities. The pandemic made everything so much worse for them. Being wild creatures, they do not belong to noisy and polluted megacities. Make them happy in the private dog park for a while. Do you fancy fenced dog parks or indoor dog parks on private land? Hiking trails for dogs or dog beaches? Find them across the world and be convinced that the universe cares.

Dog health suffers in over 50% of them with depression, obesity and behaviour problems. Avoid conventional dog parks that get too risky with overcrowding. Revive the good times for dogs with this amazing app.

Get to know the basics in public places. Dogs remain on the leash to avoid dangers. Clean up after the dog answers to nature’s call. The Sniffspot app chooses the best locations for the dog and you. No worry and no fear.


Not all swim, but everybody loves pools and parties! Rent a private pool for family, friends, and colleagues, too and have it all for you. Clear up your doubts, like if the dog is allowed. Learn to be a good host too. Pool owners get a chance to increase earnings. Decide all the rules and prices, and approve bookings accordingly.

Warm seasons come and go, and nobody forgets the pool, the rivers and the beaches. It is time to let go, indeed. Do it conveniently and in style, with ease from the phone. Renting a pool or hiring out a pool was never easier. Step up incomes hassle-free.


Caring for pets and walking a cute dog is a top priority for many. GPS safety tracking, dog owners and sitters, bookings and payments, manage them all in security. Don’t forget that Europe, America and Canada host 200,000 dog walkers and pet sitters.

The Rover app facilitates contact with sitters and walkers. Get informed about pet food and water, and know the walking map. Sitters and walkers enjoy the benefits too by sending messages and photos to pet owners.

You should like three more interesting and fun apps


Learn the basics of a variety of languages, over 20 of them, which include English and German, French and Spanish.


With the media frenzy, face a volley of queries and see if you have the answers.

Bubble Wrap

Pop bubbles on the phone to get rid of monotony just like in real life.

How to approach a subject or activity, how do beat boredom and connect with social media around the world? Reach out with hobbies and games, technology, pictures and videos for artistic and creative freedom on Android and IOS phone apps.

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